Curriculum Vitae


PhD Zoology: University of British Columbia, 2016-2022
Supervisor: Dr. Christopher Harley

BSc Honours Chemistry, Major Biology: University of Victoria, 2016
Supervisor: Dr. Tom Fyles

Research experience

Coastal Marine Ecology and Conservation Lab, SFU: the kelp system & global change

Harley Lab, UBC: facilitation & climate change, oysters & ocean acidification

Page Lab, UVic: foregut development in parasitic snails

Fyles Lab, UVic: membrane-spanning archaeolipid mimics & fluorescence spectroscopy

McIndoe Lab, UVic: sample introduction techniques and orthogonal applications of mass spectrometry

Kelly Lab, USask: nanoparticles & solar energy


Zhong, K. X., Chan, A.M., Collicutt, B., Daspe, M., Finke, J.F., Foss, M., Green, T.J., Harley, C.D.G., Hesketh, A.V., Miller, K.M., Otto, S.P., Rolheiser, K., Saunder, R., Sutherland, B.P., Suttle, C.A. 2023. The prokaryotic and eukaryotic microbiome of Pacific oyster spat is shaped by ocean warming but not acidification. Accepted.

Currie-Olson, D., Hesketh, A.V., Grimm, J., Marshall, K.E., Harley, C.D.G. 2023. Lethal and sublethal implications of low temperature exposure for three intertidal predators. Journal of Thermal Biology. 114: 103549.

Hesketh, A.V., Harley, C.D.G. 2023. Extreme heatwave drives topography-dependent patterns of mortality in a bed-forming intertidal barnacle, with implications for associated community structure. Global Change Biology. 29: 165–178.

Martínez-Laiz, G., MacLeod, C.D., Hesketh, A.V., Konecny, C.A., Ros, M., Guerra-García, J.M., Harley, C.D.G. 2022. The journey of hull-fouling mobile invaders: Basibionts and boldness mediate dislodgement
risk during transit. Biofouling. 38: 837–851.

Hesketh, A.V.*, Loesberg, J.A.*, Bledose, E.K., Karst, J., Macdonald, S.E. 2022. Seasonal and annual dynamics of western Canadian boreal
forest plant communities: A legacy data set spanning four
decades. Ecology. 103: e3805. (* = co-authors)

Hesketh, A.V., Schwindt, E., Harley, C.D.G. 2021. Ecological and environmental context shape the differential effects of a facilitator in its native and invaded ranges. Ecology. 102: e03478.

Harms, K. S., Hesketh, A.V., Page, L. R. 2019. Foregut development and metamorphosis in a pyramidellid gastropod. Biological Bulletin. 237: 254-269.

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Theron, R., Wu, Y., Yunker, L. P. E., Hesketh, A. V., Pernik, I., Weller, A. S., McIndoe, J. S. 2016. Simultaneous orthogonal methods for the real-time analysis of catalytic reactions. ACS Catalysis 6: 6911-6917.

Penafiel, J., Hesketh, A. V., Granot, O., McIndoe, J. S. 2016. Electron ionization mass spectrometric analysis of air- and moisture-sensitive organometallic compounds. Dalton Transactions 45: 15552-15556.

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Janusson, E., Hesketh, A. V., Bamford, K., Hatlelid, K., Higgins, R., McIndoe, J.S. 2015. Spatial effects on electrospray ionization response. International Journal of Mass Spectrometry 388: 1-8.

Poorkazem, K., Hesketh, A. V., Kelly, T. L. 2014. Plasmon-enhanced triplet-triplet annihilation using silver nanoplates. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118: 6398-6404.

Lee, K. E., Hesketh, A. V., Kelly, T. L. 2014. Chemical stability and degradation mechanisms of triangular Ag, Ag@Au, and Au nanoprisms. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16: 12407-12414.

Grants and awards


TD Friends of the Environment Foundation, 2022–2023: 10,200 CAD
“Biodiversity, resilience, education: Establishing a Garry oak meadow in South Surrey”

National Geographic Early Career Grant, 2019–2021: 9,125 USD
“Intertidal community diversity as a function of herbivore diversity in a changing world”


NSERC PDF: 2024–2026

Vanier Scholarship: 2018–2021

Killam Doctoral Scholarship: 2018–2021

Four Year Fellowship: 2017–2021



Scientific communication


A.V. Hesketh & C.D.G. Harley, “Extreme heat waves drive topography-dependent patterns in the mortality of a bed-forming intertidal barnacle, with implications for community structure”, 2022 Canadian Institute of Ecology and Evolution Heat Dome Symposium, invited 10-minute talk

A.V. Hesketh & C.D.G. Harley, “Small-scale substratum orientation and thermal differences drive mortality and diversity patterns in barnacle beds”, 2021 Western Society of Naturalists Annual Meeting, 15-minute talk

A.V. Hesketh, J.A. Loesberg, E.K. Bledsoe, J. Karst, S.E. Macdonald, “Seasonal and annual dynamics of Canadian boreal forests”, 2021 Living Data Forum, invited 10-minute talk

A.V. Hesketh, E. Schwindt, C.D.G. Harley, “New (intertidal) zone, who dis?”, 2020 Western Society of Naturalists Annual Meeting, 5-minute talk

A. Hesketh, E. Simpson, D. Ianson, K. Kohfeld, C.D.G. Harley, “The Pacific oyster, Magallana gigas, demonstrates sensitivity to temperature and resilience to pH during summer growth”, 2018 National Shellfisheries Association Conference, 15-minute talk

A.V. Hesketh, “Potential impacts of ocean acidification on shellfish farming in BC”, 2017 BC Shellfish Expo, invited 15-minute talk


The Atlantic, 2023: What happens when the heat repeats?

The Narwhal, 2022: BC’s sea life is bouncing back, slowly, after the 2021 heat dome

Capital Daily, 2022: ‘It smelled like death’: One year after the heat dome killed billions of marine animals, scientists watch for signs of life

Beaty Biodiversity Museum: Researchers Revealed, 2022: Barnacles and the heat dome

Teaching experience

Simon Fraser University:

  • Guest lecturer, REM 611, “Metapopulations, Parks, and Protected Areas”

University of British Columbia:

  • TA, BIOL 121: Genetics, Evolution & Ecology
  • TA and Logistics Coordinator, BIOL 409: Field Ecology
  • TA, BIOL 326: Experimental Biology of Invertebrates
  • TA: Marine Science: visiting summer course from Hong Kong University

Canadian Institute of Ecology and Evolution:

  • TA, Living Data Project

Related work experience

Restoration Biologist
A Rocha Canada | September 2022–December 2023

Academic leadership

UBC Biodiversity Research Centre PDF Hiring Committee: Graduate student representative, 2022

Western Society of Naturalists: Student Committee Chair, 2019

Zoology Graduate Students Association Spring Symposium: Co-organizer, 2019

UBC Zoology Graduate Students Association: Co-president, 2019

Western Society of Naturalists: Chair of Branding & Merchandising, 2018

Pacific Ecology and Evolution Conference: Chair of Finance and Administration, 2018

Reviewer for Global Change Biology, Ecology Letters, Ecological Monographs, Oikos, Marine and Freshwater Behaviour & Physiology, MEPS, and JMBAUK

Community involvement

Volunteer, A Rocha Canada: 2024–

Treasurer/Secretary/Trustee, St. Peter’s Fireside Anglican Church: 2023–