Curriculum Vitae


PhD Zoology: University of British Columbia, 2016-
Supervisor: Dr. Christopher Harley

BSc Honours Chemistry, Major Biology: University of British Columbia, 2016
Supervisor: Dr. Tom Fyles


Hesketh, A.V., Schwindt, E., Harley, C.D.G. 2021. Ecological and environmental context shape the differential effects of a facilitator in its native and invaded ranges. Ecology. 102: e03478.Preprint: 10.32942/ Accepted ms:

Harms, K. S., Hesketh, A.V., Page, L. R. 2019. Foregut development and metamorphosis in a pyramidellid gastropod. Biological Bulletin. 237: 254-269.

Mitchell, G. M., Hesketh, A. V., Lombardi, C., Ho, C., Fyles, T. M. 2017. A membrane-spanning macrocyclic bolaamphiphile lipid mimic of archaeal lipid mimics. Canadian Journal of Chemistry 95: 253-262.

Theron, R., Wu, Y., Yunker, L. P. E., Hesketh, A. V., Pernik, I., Weller, A. S., McIndoe, J. S. 2016. Simultaneous orthogonal methods for the real-time analysis of catalytic reactions. ACS Catalysis 6: 6911-6917.

Penafiel, J., Hesketh, A. V., Granot, O., McIndoe, J. S. 2016. Electron ionization mass spectrometric analysis of air- and moisture-sensitive organometallic compounds. Dalton Transactions 45: 15552-15556.

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Poorkazem, K., Hesketh, A. V., Kelly, T. L. 2014. Plasmon-enhanced triplet-triplet annihilation using silver nanoplates. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118: 6398-6404.

Lee, K. E., Hesketh, A. V., Kelly, T. L. 2014. Chemical stability and degradation mechanisms of triangular Ag, Ag@Au, and Au nanoprisms. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16: 12407-12414.

Research experience

Harley Lab, UBC: facilitation & climate change, oysters & ocean acidification

Page Lab, UVic: foregut development in parasitic snails

Fyles Lab, UVic: membrane-spanning archaeolipid mimics & fluorescence spectroscopy

McIndoe Lab, UVic: sample introduction techniques and orthogonal applications of mass spectrometry

Kelly Lab, USask: nanoparticles & solar energy

Teaching experience

University of British Columbia:

  • TA, BIOL 121: Genetics, Evolution & Ecology
  • TA and Logistics Coordinator, BIOL 409: Field Ecology
  • TA, BIOL 326: Experimental Biology of Invertebrates
  • TA: Marine Science: visiting summer course from Hong Kong University

Canadian Institute of Ecology and Evolution:

  • TA, Living Data Project

Selected awards

Vanier Scholarship: 2018-2021

Killam Doctoral Scholarship: 2018-2021

Four Year Fellowship: 2017-2021

UBC Zoology Departmental Fellowship: 2017




Western Society of Naturalists: Student Committee Chair, 2019

Zoology Graduate Students Association Spring Symposium: Co-organizer, 2019

University of British Columbia: Zoology Graduate Students Association representative, 2019

Western Society of Naturalists: Chair of Branding & Merchandising, 2018

Pacific Ecology and Evolution Conference: Chair of Finance and Administration, 2018